I am Sylvia Leigaloime Alofaituli aka "Leila's mom". I have taken the role of a mother to another level. For one reason, my kid is like two kid's in one! While I look just like my mom Miliela Alofaituli. A lot of who I am comes from my dad Chris Alofaituli. I am the big sister to what seems like my own children. But "I love them like I raised them." 

Growing up, my family and I did not own a television, until I was 14. So before then, we lived and breathed in the library. We had a card in every county! I fell in love with poetry. The art of words being played out in rhythm. I loved the idea of words being brought to life in style. I connected with poetry. I would write out my life with quality of intense emotion that was poetic. Maya Angelou, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Herbert Hopkins. But nothing moved me more than King David who wrote the book of Psalms. His devotional poetry like in Psalm 23. "A Psalm Of David." I found the art in Psalms to be more beautiful because it was the living word of God. Thru centuries poets wrote out intense emotion. But nothing compared to David's words and adoration for Jesus! My word play could never live up, but I pray thru these you see God, because my stories are just that......poetry.
I have been writing since I was in 6th grade. I have never shared any of my writings with anyone other than my family. The day I had my daughter was the day I knew I had a chance. And to do it better. All the pain I wrote about couldn't amount to all the love I was going to write about. God gave me her on purpose so that I could run right into my purpose. 

So ... "I am a writer."

I never limit myself to just one title. I am a POET! Singer. Story teller. Shoe lover. Fashion lover. And most of all Jesus lover! 
I've created this blog to share the journey of my life, of how I came to know my true purpose. How God became the best solution to all my problems. This is for the girl who doesn't know who she is yet. The girl with a broken heart. The girl struggling with insecurites. The girl becoming a mother. The girl becoming a woman. The girl finding love. The girl finding God. You see... 

I am she! 

I've created this more for you than me. It's funny how easy it is to write all your emotions out on a piece of paper but to express aloud is hard. I found there's purpose in heartbreak. Out of all the things I've done, I was able to come back and find purpose. 

So... "Who is she....?"

Quiet often I am mistaken for mean. I rarely smile in pictures, but just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm not happy. I almost always have an attitude. Good and bad. I call it "too much sass!" I talk fast, but I always have a point. I don't eat meat or chicken. I rather write on paper than type. I've become more emotional after having my daughter. I cry sometimes when she's out of control. Then I whoop her. I'm not perfect, but I'm getting stronger. My pride was my downfall. I thought I was in love twice. Once with a boy who thought to much of himself. Once with a boy who thought to little of himself. My dad told me "Only God can take a mess, and create a message!" He was right. I found my true purpose when I found God. 
I am the girl overcoming heartbreak. The girl who found love. The girl who found God. It hasn't always been this poetic, but that's the beauty...."Because God!" 

xox -$ylvi